Chris Wheeler – Forex Millionaire In Just 2 Months

Many people are skeptical that it is possible to make money – let alone millions on foreign exchange. A recent story reaturing trader Chris Wheeler proves that it is possible to amass a fortune in Forex – in as little as 2 months. Here is the full sotry:

In a payment believed to be one of the largest of its kind anywhere, in September 2011 a European forex broker paid $1,000,000 to a client, making him a foreign exchange millionaire.

Chris Wheeler, an experienced foreign currency trader, deposited $25,000 in July 2011, and was paid $1,000,000 on 13th September 2011. The millionaire protagonist of the success story proudly recommends Trading Point, which, as he put it, “smoothly and swiftly” processed the large payment to him.

“I started with Trading Point in July 2011 with $25,000″, Mr. Wheeler says, “and withdrew 1 million USD as early as 13th September the same year.”

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